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    TF2 Unusual Effect Ideas

    September 20, 2015 by Ervinke44

    Well, This is my first blog in this Wikia! In this blog, im gonna shout-out some of my Unusual Effect ideas for TF2! I hope you like some of them.

    1. Burning Love - Appearance: Three circling burning hearts above the hat. Price: 20-30 buds

    2. Meteor Shower - Appearance: "Mini" meteors "attacking" the hat, with some explosive effects. Price: 15-20 buds

    3. Between Good & Evil - Appearance: "Mini" versions of your chosen character class dressed as a Devil and Angel. Note, that the mini versions are next to your hat. Angel is to the right, and Devil is to the left. Price: 20-30 buds

    4. Electric & Attractive - Appearance: Thunder symbols are floating towards your hat, and then dissapearing, over again. Price: 10 buds

    5. Black Hole - Appearance: A black hole abo…

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