The Plot Hook
Item 31
Price: 30 Shilling
Cloak hooks player to wall or ceiling.

The Plot Hook is a Watch-slot cloak for the Spy. It's a watch that makes the Spy hook to a ceiling or a wall that he's looking at for a limited duration.

Function timesEdit

Function Times
Cloak maximum duration Total:        10.0 s
14.0 s

Effective:     9.0 s
13.0 s

Cloak fade time Player:1.0+ s

World:1.0 s

Decloak fade time Player:2.0 s

World:1.8 s

Recharge time 30.0 s


A simple but effective watch to effectively gank people unexpectedly. You can't move while cloaked with this cloak, so if the enemy notices you, they will kill you on a matter of seconds. In order to use this cloak effectively, you need use the watch on a common spot where everyone passes by, then decloak and backstab, and repeat as many times as you want.

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