The Obeah
Missing Icon
Price: 1 Shilling
On Hit From Behind: Marks for death for 5 seconds
-50% clip size
-10% damage penalty

The Obeah is a primary weapon for the Spy, and was a Weapon of the Day.

At the cost of reduced damage and clip size, hitting an enemy in the back will cause it to be Marked for Death for several seconds, causing all damage dealt to him to become mini-crits.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Maximum ramp-up 150% 54
Base damage 100% 36
Maximum fall-off 50% 18
Critical 108
Mini-crit 49-73
Function Times
Attack interval 0.58 s
Reload 1.16 s
Effect duration 5 s


  • Positionning is the key to properly use this weapon, an enemy Marked for Death will not live long if you have some teammates around.
  • Landing a back hit followed by the rest of the clip can deal from 116 damage at long range to 200 damage at point blank, making this weapon deadly as an assassination tool may you can't safely approach and backstab your target.
    • This is due to mini-crits not suffering from damage fall-off.
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