The Leech-Life
Item 551
Price: 10 Shilling
Creator: Canon and Chawlz
80% of bleed damage dealt is healed.
-1 health drained per second on wearer
-50% clip size

The Leech-Life is a primary scattergun for the Scout. It visually looks like the Scattergun.

This weapon heals for a large amount of the damage the user deals via bleeding. However, it has reduced clip size, and drains 1 health point every second.

Damage and Function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Maximum ramp-up 175% 10.5 / pellet
Base damage 100% 6 / pellet
Maximum fall-off 50% 3 / pellet
Critical 18 / pellet
Mini-crit 8 - 14 / pellet
Pellet count 10
Pellet spread 30:1
Function Times
Attack interval 0.625 s
Reload (first) 0.76 s
Reload (consecutive) 0.56 s


  • It is imperative to have either the Flying Guillotine, Boston Basher or Wrap Assassin to be able to actually benefit from this weapon.
    • The bleeding of all those weapons will heal the user for 32 health in total.
  • When comparing the Boston Basher with the Wrap Assassin, the Boston Basher will more reliably deal bleeding damage, but is much riskier to use than the Wrap Assassin which allows the user to safely stay at medium-long range while still inflicting bleeding damage.
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