The Iron Spine
Iron Spine
Creator: CHAWLZ
-75% damage taken from behind
This weapon is useable in medieval mode
-15 max health on wearer
I've added the Iron Spine, a Sniper secondary that reduces damage from back-attacks. It's largely intended to be a campin'-sniper helper but I've decided to throw the Medieval label on it because I want to be cool too!
— Weapon announcement on the official Slag Forum

The Iron Spine is a passive secondary weapon for the Sniper. It was a Weapon of the Day, part of the Medieval Project.

At the cost of some maximum health, the wearer takes greatly decreased damage when attacked by behind.


Although the damage reduction from behind will not protect you from backstabs, retreating from the heat of battle is much easier. If you wish for protection from backstabs, use the Razorback instead.

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