Genbrochene Grenzen (Basic Idea)

Hi, I'm HideFromMonster. I made this concept a while ago and decided to upload it here, in hopes of getting it added. I made the basic idea of Grenboche Grenzen in MS Paint and I dont know how to make models, but I hope you enjoy.


Gebrochene Grenzen

Note:Mispelt the name in the picture of the stats and the names of the photos. Also the protection aganst Melee weapons means BACKSTABS AREN'T A INSTANT KILL. They bring you to 1 HP and mark your healing target for death.

Scenario 1 where Grenboche Grenzen would help a tonEdit

A Demoknight with AWESOME Advanced Weaponiser weapons charges at you after your uber runs out. The protection against melee weapons saves you and your healing target.

Scenario 2 where Grenboche Grenzen would help a tonEdit

A class with a weapon that does a lot of damage is infront of you. All of a sudden, your uber runs out. You get hit, leaving you with 1 HP. Thank Grenboche Grenzen.

Scenario 3 where Grenboche Grenzen would help a tonEdit

Spies. That's all I have to say. Spies.


Give me some feedback please. Let me know if it's too OP.

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