The Golden Gun
Golden Gun
Price: 5 Pound
Crits on headshot
Imbued with an ancient power
-15% damage penalty
-20% slower firing speed

The Golden Revolver is a primary weapon for the Spy. It is almost visually identical to the Ambassador, but with a golden barrel.

This weapon is functionnaly identical to the Ambassador, but enemies killed by it will turn into motionless golden statues of pure Australium instead of ragdolls, similiar to the Golden Wrench.

Unlike all other weapons in the mod, this one cost Pounds instead of Shillings.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Projectile speed lolz get trolled HU / s
Maximum ramp-up 150% 51
Base damage 100% 34
Maximum fall-off 50% 17
Critical 102
Mini-crit 46-69
Function Times
Attack interval 0.696 s
Reload 1.16 s


The Ambassador comes with small penalties in damage and firing rate, but has the ability to headshot enemies. If you are confident about your aim, use your ability to see enemy health as an indicator of which enemies can easily be taken out from a distance. There is a set period after firing where the Ambassador cannot headshot, so it's better to space your shots out instead of firing rapidly.

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