The Flagrant Flintlock
Flagrant Flintlock
Price: 5 Shilling
Creator: girl
Crits on headshot
+100% push scale
20% faster weapon switch
This weapon is usable in Medieval Mode
-85% clip size
80% slower reload time
Precision-based weapon for the spy. Not much more to say here.
— Its creator's design ideas for this weapon

The Flagrant Flintlock is a primary weapon for the Spy. It has the appearance of a lighter-colored Big Kill.

This weapon grants a faster weapon switch and pushes players it hits with more force. Also, a successful shot in the head with this weapon will guarantee a critical hit, similarly to the Ambassador. All of this comes with a clip reduced to one combined with a slower reload.

This weapon is also usable in Medieval Mode, making equipping it a priority if the map is on this mode, as it's the only primary weapon that the Spy can equip in it.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Maximum ramp-up 150% 60
Base damage 100% 40
Maximum fall-off 50% 20
Critical 120
Mini-crit 54-81
Function Times
Attack interval 2.09 s


  • Aiming for the head is a top priority, as the slow firing rate makes each shot needs to count, as the standard Revolver could fire 3-4 shots during the same time the Flagrant Flintlock needs to reload.
    • This weapon has perfect accuracy, due to the standard Revolver having perfect accuracy if no shot is fired for 1.25 seconds, and this weapon being only able to fire every 2.09 seconds.
  • Due to the slow firing speed, this weapon is best for finishing wounded opponents, as the crit will not be sufficent to even kill a low-health class with full health (unless they have a weapon with a max health penalty or they get knocked off a high ledge).
  • As said previously, this is the only Spy primary weapon equippable in Medieval Mode,so  equip it when available if a medieval map is the current map.


  • Before being kept as a permanent weapon, it was a Weapon of the Day, part of the Medieval Project.
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