The Firkin Flamer
Firkin Flamer
Price: 30 Shilling
Alt-Fire: Leak oil, which can be ignited
-90% afterburn duration

The Firkin Flamer is a Primary Weapon for the Pyro. It is a wooden flamethrower that mostly functions the same as the Stock Flamethrower, however, in place of the airblast, is the ability to leak oil onto the ground, which can be ignited to set enemies on fire, however, this flamethrower's afterburn duration is reduced by 90%

Damage and Function timesEdit

Poškození funkcí Times
Shot Type Particle
Flame damage (close) 100% 6.82 / particle
Flame damage (far) 60% 4.09 / particle
Critical 12-21 / particle
Mini-crit 6-9 / particle
Afterburn 3 / tick 6 total
Afterburn (mini-crit) 4 / tick 8 total
Function Times
Attack interval 0.04 s
Ammo consumption interval

0.04 s

Afterburn duration 1 s
Airblast cooldown 0.75 s


The Firkin Flamer's Alt-Fire ability to leak oil allows players to keep enemies away from specific points of importance, like the Payload Cart or a Capture Point. Since the oil can be lit by any weapon that causes fire, it's a great way to do an ambush. A good strategy is putting oil at the end of a corridor, distancing yourself and then shooting a flare when the enemies go by. The Detonator is a good choice for this, as it can explode over a wide area at once.


The oil can sometimes float or go trough gates, allowing for an unfair advantage pre-round start. The oil can also sometimes go trough the walls (just a bit of it) and burn the players, but this is hard to do and even harder to be caught in.

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