Flame damage (close) 100% 6.82 / particle
Flame damage (far) 60% 4.09 / particle
Critical 12-21 / particle
Mini-crit 6-9 / particle
Afterburn 3 / tick 6 total
Afterburn (mini-crit) 4 / tick 8 total
Function Times
Attack interval 0.04 s
Ammo consumption interval

0.04 s

Afterburn duration 1 s
Airblast cooldown 0.75 s


The Firkin Flamer's Alt-Fire ability to leak oil allows players to keep enemies away from specific points of importance, like the Payload Cart or a Capture Point. Since the oil can be lit by any weapon that causes fire, it's a great way to do an ambush. A good strategy is putting oil at the end of a corridor, distancing yourself and then shooting a flare when the enemies go by. The Detonator is a good choice for this, as it can explode over a wide area at once.


The oil can sometimes float or go trough gates, allowing for an unfair advantage pre-round start. The oil can also sometimes go trough the walls (just a bit of it) and burn the players, but this is hard to do and even harder to be caught in.

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