The Crafting System was a system introduced in 2011, when the devs decided to fiddle about with the HTML code. They decided it'd be fun to have to ability to have other ways to obtain guns, aside from purchasing or finding them on a drop. Altough you could craft some guns with the crafting system, its main attraction was, in-fact, the ability to make you own weapons. This meant, that with the certain items, you could create your own deadly weapon!

If you'd like to learn more, do check out the thread made at the time:

Beta-testing and releaseEdit

This concept was tested before being publicly released. There were a few images, and at some point, a tutorial video was released by Lil' Guy, showing off its features and what-not. A few days later, the system got released and it worked really nicely actually. Got nice reception.

How it affected GameplayEdit

Well, quick example:

There was a gun, feared by all, who belonged to Lil' Guy. A pistol, carved from hell itself (the crafting system),which had the bloody "On hit: Disorientate" for the engineer (almost sure). The lengend says, this man could only be stopped by sunoken himself. And when he came, there was a glorious fight (over-dramatizing). Then a few days later they removed the attribute (from the white-list) and he had to delete the weapon.

Well, besides the "On hit: Disorientate" effect, the only other attribute that was a bother was the "x% less afterburn duration", that could be applied on any weapon, and would work has a good way to balance the attributes.

At first, it led to OP weapons, but with time, weapons got, impressively, balanced. It was funny to see the results of what they could do within the attributes given to them.

How it workedEdit

The video showed a beta release. But the final product worked similary. Here's how it went down:

  1. You'd do an attribute scroll, then you charge it.
  2. Then, after you're done with doing a few of those, you also have to have a chest (the class).
  3. Then, after you're done with that, you'd have to balance the weapon, here's how it goes down:

You'd have to create a balance between bad attributes and good attributes. It'd start at 0%, it could go down to -10% and up to 5%.

If it was below 0%, this meant the negative attributes you had were more effective than the positive, and vice versa. Generally, players would prefer lowering reload speed / firing speed and raising damage, healing or whatever attributes they could use.

Why it was removedEdit

Well, it was kind of simple. The HTML was starting to get overloaded (when it got removed, there were over 600k items, IIRC).

This and the over-usage of the shop and other servers led to a change of the inventory to the, current one.

From the day of the change and onward, the crafting system was never implemented again. An attempt was made, but nothing came out of it.


  • Weapons created by the user would be called "My Little [WEAPON]". This was a reference to the show, My Little Pony.
  • Some of the attributes were blacklisted. These included most the medic's negative attributes (you couldn't create weapons for the medic, so there was no point), the disorientate attribute and a few pyro attributes.
  • The crafting system was a celebration to the 500.000th weapon. Once the inventory system hit 500k weapons, the crafting system would be implemented.

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