Price: 1 Shilling
On Hit: Milks for 6.0 sec
Alt-Fire Disabled

The Chamomile is a primary-slot weapon for the Medic in Advanced Weaponiser.

The Chamomile has very similar effects to the Sydney Sleeper, the difference being it douses the target in Mad Milk instead. Being a Medic weapon, it could also be comparable to the Crusader's Crossbow with an added milk ability since it lacks a scope. The Mad Milk ability lasts a total of 6 seconds, allowing allies to healing from the unfortunate milk-doused target. Like the Sydney Sleeper, it cannot deal random critical hits.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Base damage 100% 50
Critical 150
Mini-crit 67.5
Function Times
Attack interval 1.5 s
Effect duration 6 s


It should be noted that the Chamomile is not a preferable weapon for offensive combat. Instead it helps your teammates gain back their health from the milked enemy, proving it to be more of a support weapon. Targeting enemies that are being healed by a medic help your teammates greatly. This weapon can be annoying because of its precision and range, so take advantage of that by staying back.


- With a 1 Shiling cost, this weapon, along with the Tank Goodness and the Southern Six Shooter, are the cheapest in the entire mod.

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