Black Medigun
Übercharge grants Jarate and Bleed on hit for 8 seconds
Instantly removes debuffs from patient
+20% heal rate
+20% Übercharge rate
-25% less max overheal
25% fire damage vulnerability on wearer
If you already haven't noticed... The Private Practice isn't working as advertised (Uber gain on assist & mini-crit damage instead of full crits), despite doing so in testing the previous week. Right now, it's basically a full Kritzkrieg with a defensive buff slapped on it - not exactly what i was looking for. So, since its still the first day, I will be swapping out the Private Practice for another properly functioning Medigun, the Cauterizer, starting tomorrow morning (Aprox 10AM EST). Hope you people don't mind, as it still serves a similar function as a support oriented Ubercharge.
— Announcement of the replacement of the Private Practice by this weapon

The Cauterizer is a secondary weapon for the Medic. It is a black Kritzkrieg with a white question mark on it. The Cauterizer was a February 2012 Weapon of the Month.

This Cauterizer's Übercharge makes all damage dealt by your patient cause Bleeding and Jarate for 8 seconds, however, it does not make you or your patient invulnerable. This medigun also has a 20% faster heal and Übercharge rate, but has less max overheal and makes you more weak to fire damage.

Damage and function timesEdit

Healing and function times
Healing (in combat) 29 / s
Healing (out of combat) 86 / s
Function Times
Effect duration 8 s
Charge fill speed (normal) 3% / s
Charge fill speed (reduced) 1.5% / s
Maximum charge time (normal) 33.4 s
Maximum charge time (reduced) 66.7 s



  • The Cauterizer was added as a replacement of the Private Practice, since it was not working as intended.
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