The Brain-Powered Homicider
Brain Powered Homicider
Price: 30 Shilling
+50 max health on wearer
Alt-fire: 25 self-damage to incur a crit-a-cola buff for 3 seconds
On kill: Restores you to 150% health
60% of damage done with any weapon is applied to yourself
No random critical hits

The Brain-Powered Homicider is a primary weapon for the Medic.

Wielding this weapon passively grants the wearer +50 max health but makes 60% of any damage the wearer deals to be also applied to himself. The weapon itself cannot randomly crits, but killing with this weapon will restore the wearer to 150% of his maximum health.

Additionally, using the Alt-Fire (right click by default) of this weapon will deal 25 damage to the wearer to make him deal and take mini-crits for 3 seconds.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Projectile (Syringe)
Projectile speed 1000 HU / s
Maximum ramp-up 120% 12
Base damage 100% 10
Maximum fall-off 50% 5
Critical 30
Mini-crit 14-16
Function Times
Attack interval 0.1 s
Reload 1.6 s


The Brain-Powered Homicider gives you more health, which is useful in addition with weapons that takes you health (Like the Vita-Saw), fixing your health issues, and you have more chances killing other classes that usually you couldn't kill alone, and also finishing off enemies with this weapon is a must because it gives your health back.

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