The +1 Revolver of Nekonus
Missing Icon
Creator: girl
On Hit: Speedboost for 5 seconds
On Miss: Piss yourself
Obviously, you want to be accurate here, the reward is great, but missing means you can't really cloak right away and you're pretty screwed if you get hit by something.
— Weapon announcement on the official Slag Forum

The +1 Revolver of Nekonus is a primary weapon for the Spy, and was a Weapon of the Day.

Hitting an enemy with this weapon will increases the user's speed for 5 seconds, but missing your shot will cover the user in jarate.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Maximum ramp-up 150% 60
Base damage 100% 40
Maximum fall-off 50% 20
Critical 120
Mini-crit 54-81
Function Times
Attack interval 0.58 s
Reload 1.16 s
Effect duration 5 s


  • This weapon is useful for running away, landing a shot will allow you to outrun almost any enemy in the game.
  • You should never shot if you are not sure you will not hit your target, covering yourself in jarate will make you both more vulnerable and also unable to cloak.
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